Listen now: Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and DJ Khaled just want some “Dinero” on new track

Epic RecordsJennifer Lopez and her fellow Bronx native Cardi B have teamed up on a new bilingual single called “Dinero,” along with DJ Khaled.

The song’s title translates to “Money” in English and the lyrics are all about an unabashed love of cash.

“Yo quiero, yo quiero dinero,” J.Lo repeats on the chorus: “I want, I want money.”

In Cardi’s verse, she shouts out their shared hometown, rapping, “Two bad b****** that came from the Bronx/Cardi from the pole and Jenny from the block.”

The song follows J.Lo’s last single, “El Anillo.” She’ll be performing “Dinero” at the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday on NBC.

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