Hamilton County to offer free testing for private well water.

Hamilton County is providing an opportunity for private well owners and tenants in the county to have well water tested for certain forms of bacteria, nitrite/nitrate and arsenic. Through the Iowa Private Well Program, a county sanitarian will come to your home and collect water samples for residents completely free of charge. The county sanitarian may also ask for permission to collect an additional sample to determine  if any other harmful chemicals may be present in the water. Water samples from your well will be sent to the State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa for testing. Results will be sent to home owners by the county sanitarian. Well water that is safe for consumption, as well as many other uses, is important for the health of many Iowans. This testing program is part of a study at the University of Iowa and an excellent chance for well owners in Hamilton County to learn more about the quality of water in your wells. If you want more information, contact Bradley Berg at 515-832-9565 or bradb@hamiltoncountypublichealth.com .

The State Hygienic Laboratory is Iowa’s environmental and public health laboratory, serving Iowans in all 99 counties. Additional information about the Iowa Private Well Program is available online at iowawell.org or by contacting or by calling the lab in Iowa City at 319-467-4503.