Didn’t you get the memo? Logic and Marshmello pay tribute to “Office Space” in new video for “Everyday”

ABC/Randy HolmesLogic and Marshmello have released an Office Space-inspired video for their collab, “Everyday.”

The video, which is more like a short film, clocking in at 10 minutes, follows Logic as a lowly office worker who constantly get berated by his bosses and is forced to work long hours.

Eventually, he becomes an old man, and finally decides to stand up to his bosses. He leads a revolt with a few other employees, including Marshmello. In a scene that pays homage to the 1999 comedy Office Space, the men take turns bashing a fax machine with a baseball bat.

They then start living their best lives: partying in the club, mountain climbing and skydiving.

In the end, it turns out all that was a daydream and Logic finds himself back in his dreary office. But the daydream is enough to inspire him to tell his bosses off and quit.

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