Watch Shawn Mendes react to interviewer who wants to sniff his armpit

Brian ZiffEver watch an interview with your favorite singer and wonder how the interviewer got his job because the questions are so stupid?  Well, you can watch an example of this in action right now on Instagram, with unwitting target Shawn Mendes.

Swedish TV personality Martin Bjork is seen sitting with Shawn and asking him a series of bizarre questions, such as “Who is your most ugly famous friend?,” “Which body part are you the most proud of?” and “What do you never wanna hear in bed?”  But his final question is truly weird: he asks him, “Can I smell your armpit?”

“Sure, man, go for it,” Shawn replies. Bjork then literally sniffs Shawn’s armpit, and then says, “F***! That was good!”

For the record, Shawn wouldn’t say any of his friends are ugly, he’s most proud of his ears, and he never wants to hear “stories about parents or siblings” in bed.

And when Bjork asks Shawn, “When was the last time you were interviewed with someone with really bad breath,” Shawn shoots back, “Right now!”

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