Niall Horan gets grilled about dating life and scared by a Harry Styles lookalike on “Ellen”

Image Group LA/ABCNiall Horan’s debut solo album, Flicker, has finally arrived and the singer appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to celebrate.

During Niall’s appearance, Ellen managed to make him nervous in more way than one. First, she grilled him about his dating life, pressing him on whether anything was going on between him and his pal Ellie Goulding.

When Niall replied that he’s single and Ellie has a boyfriend, Ellen asked if he’d date Rihanna instead of Ellie. An uncomfortable Niall agreed, though admitted it was a tough choice.

In addition to being grilled about his love life, Niall was also the victim of one of Ellen’s infamous “scares.” As he was talking about keeping in touch with his One Direction bandmates, a Harry Styles-lookalike popped out from an end table next to him.

Niall was understandably freaked out — but impressed with the fake Harry’s level of dedication.

Flicker, which includes Niall’s new single “Too Much to Ask,” is out now.

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